Gita Group is a full-service boutique public relations and marketing company, specializing in culinary, hospitality, and lifestyle brands.  In business since 2006, Gita Group has developed a reputation for developing and executing 360-degree creative campaigns that break through the noise and garner quality results for their clients. We have our fingers on the pulse of what’s happening in the industry and can create or interpret brand strategies that will reach any brand’s audience.

Our versatile expertise in the industry working with a wide range of clients, and developing essential media and tastemaker contacts, allows us to advise clients on what strategies will and won’t work to achieve their goals. Whether we are launching a new restaurant, gaining visibility of a talented chef, re-launching a dated brand, generating engaging social media content, or creating a smart partnership, we are savvy, honest and strategic in our approach.

It is our experience, dedication, integrity, creativity and hands-on services that have allowed us to achieve success on behalf of innumerable clients throughout our nine years in business.

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"Gita Group's multi-faceted approach to PR and marketing is astounding.  Their creativity, critical thinking and dedication to quality, makes them uniquely successful.  They were an integral part of our core team and proved that they are not a typical Public Relations agency.” — Brad Barnes, CMC, President of Cooking District, Director of CIA Consulting

"Gita McCutcheon is an accomplished professional who abounds with creative ideas and executes them with panache and effectiveness.  She has an insider's knowledge of hospitality and fashion, and is able to skillfully navigate those worlds on behalf of her clients.  In the end, what truly matters is that Gita is totally focused on her client's needs -- and she gets results." — Michael Fanning, Vice President, Corporate Affairs at Michelin North America and former communications executive at The Reader's Digest Assn. and IBM.

"If I am looking for a publicist or firm that understands the informational needs of the journalist, Gita is the one I call – it begins with honesty and ends with hard work although it doesn’t hurt that she remains intellectually curious and sees how it all fits into what’s going on in the world." — Producer & Booker, CBS Sunday Morning

"When I see an email from Gita Group in my inbox, I read it. I know anything they send me will be worth my time. It's a pleasure to deal with publicists who only represent clients they believe in, and who do so with integrity. They also throw a great party." — Steven Shaw, author of Asian Dining Rules, former contributor to Crain's New York Business and founder of eGullet.org